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The Entertainment Industry which acts as a relief valve to the Arts Education System, then scoops up the overspill and proceeds to transform it into a pool of “eccentric” Stars.

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While thousandaires and athletes have chosen to date “others” it seems that more and more wealth men (notice I didn’t say rich) are dating women of color.

Billionaire Ben Horowitz was said to have been quoted as saying “Billionaires prefer black women, they are loyal and guard your interests.

Yeah ouch we had been together for like 7 years at that point but ok it was very difficult but I truly can say worth it… I’m an agnostic atheist and I’m currently in a year and almost a half relationship with a pretty heavy (in regards to religion not weight) Christian girl. A majority of the conflicts in the relationship don’t stem from the religion, though.

You learn a lot about a woman when you know you cant bang lol… She stuck with me, and decided she was going to change my mind, by challenging what I thought. Honestly, things could be great, but then we hear something on TV, or are randomly talking and something comes up, and the next thing you know it turns into a religious discussion.

I'm passionate about teaching and I attend church regularly.

I enjoy the church groups I am involved w A young and passionate woman of God seeking a strong man of faith to develop a relationship with. I love and enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

The wedding was fairly inexpensive for us yet turned out very very nice just what my wife wanted when initially she was ready to get married without a wedding… Because there’s no Jesus talk, worship, anything like that, and then when we talk about religion, it’s an entire 180 – outrageous claims, I talk to god, I feel his presence, blah blah.It doesn’t work in military…we have one President…and when you are competing with two heads of power that can pose a lot of problems or issues.’Last year he appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and spoke out against homosexuality, saying: 'I think that it’s unnatural.Sarah Palin ran for vice president, Hillary Rodham Clinton ran for president, and the nation's Christians are still talking about about what it means to be a submissive wife.Black wives are for grown ups” which led me to research billionaire men dating black women. Your skin may not be light enough to snag a rapper, but you can still snag a billionaire business man. Famed billionaire director of the Star wars movies George Lucus net worth 3.9 billion Janet Jackson and Wissan Al Mana who has a net of 4.5 billion dollars Russian billionaire tycoon Vladimir Doronin and Supermodel Naomi Campbell Billionaire Peter Norton of Norton security software corp with wife Gwen Adams billionaire business mogul Richard Branson and Kelly Rowland David Bowie & Iman Prince of Liechtenstien Maximilian and Princess Angela Brown Not quite a billionaire but South Park co-creator Matt Stone has a net worth of 0 million Not quite a billionaire but Robert De Niro is worth 5 million And men, before you start complaining that these billionaire men are all white, this is not a diss to black men.Just remember that to attract a billionaire you have to be Educated, have you own career/interests and have ambition. Find a black billionaire dating a black woman and I’ll gladly update the post.This article was brought to my attention and I decided to share it with you all.