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The Venus of the Eastern, Southern and Northern European Regions K. However, symbols or places closely related to her worship (e.g. Unaccompanied □ ARTWORK DESCRIPTION Date Artist Title(s) Type Medium/support Dimension Owner/auctioneer Inventory/lot # Sources Reference/ sequential # Comments Figure 1 The categorization into 18 main topics and the description of all artworks with an entry in this catalogue.

Bender THE ICONOGRAPHY OF VENUS FROM THE MIDDLE AGES TO MODERN TIMES Volume 6.1 The Venus of the Eastern, Southern and Northern European Regions Topical catalogue of 1373 artworks (sculptures, reliefs, paintings, frescoes, drawings, prints and illustrations) of 629 identified artists of those regions Categorized under 18 main Topics, with an Index of Artists, a Directory of Owners and an extensive Bibliography Other Volumes published: • Volume 1.1 The Italian Venus 1840 artworks of 649 identified Italian artists • Volume 2.1 The French Venus 2997 artworks of 997 identified French artists • Volume 3.1 The Venus of the Low Countries 2636 artworks of 728 identified artists of the Low Countries • Volume 4.1 The German, Swiss and Central- European Venus 3198 artworks of 1506 identified artists of Germany, Switzerland and Central-European Countries • Volume 5.1 The British and Irish Venus 2113 artworks of 912 identified artists of Britain and Ireland Under preparation: * Volume 1.2 The Italian Venus (revised) Felicien Rops in his travel report published in 'L'Independance beige' 13.8.1874. Cyprus, Cythera, Paphos, temples, etc) and Venus as the astrological symbol of the Planet are included, but works featuring the planet itself or related to astronomy, space exploration or science-fiction are excluded. Digital painting, an emerging technique, has not yet been included. 12 GUIDELINE Topic The categorization into topics is based on well-established or well-known characteristics or stories of the classical Greek-Roman Goddess 'Aphrodite-Venus'.

In the course of the research it was acknowledged that development of creativity in a higher school teacher includes: a personality’s need in creative activity; creative skills; characterological personal features; individual specifics of psychical processes. Ionin’s theory “Identification and dramatization” (Ionin, 1998), which involves stage-by-stage assimilation of external and internal aspects of a comprehended phenomenon as a unity of form and content Anufriev, E. In Music in the Information Space of the Culture of the Third Millennium: Problems, Opinions, Perspectives: . In Music in the Information Space of the Culture of the Third Millennium: Problems, Opinions, Perspectives: .

The author, based on own experience, rationalizes the suggestion that the principal factor of successful training of adults (post-graduate studies, skills upgrading, professional retraining) is creative organization of not only the academic process but also of creative cooperation at all the stages of communicative chain ‘higher school teacher – adult trainee’. Moscow: Information and Publishing Agency “Russian World”.

Economic evaluation of regulatory services took place in several stages: 1) analysis of land in the area; 2) allocation of land (related ecosystems), occupying the largest area in the region; 3) identification of the most important (environmental resources) relating to the priority.

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Cultural services are the subject to assessment both by the formulas, and by carrying out surveys on the population’s willingness to pay for the preservation of the ecosystem and, as a consequence, of its spiritual and religious values. Provisioning services are the realization of service functions or natural resources. 2007, Evolyutsiya klimatov Zemli [The evolution of the earth's climates]. OF THe amazons avan T- car De s 40 M % ex Ter Gone Har ova popova rozanova STepanova u Da LTsova |j \ K^KI '- * m "^ ' " m m 1 * 1 m^Mk/ -ail 3 ■f Si frgft C\S I 1 ^^^.^1 ' ' ^^^ .^^1 "•^fc*^ , amazons OFTHe avairr-Gar De a Lexan Dra ex Ter, na Ta Lia Gonc Harova, liubov popova, OLGa rozanova, varvara STepanova, an D na Dez HDa UDa LTSova e Dne D by j OHn e. Guggenheim Museum, New York, September 14,, 2000— January 10, 2001 This exhibition is made possible by Deutsche Bank ' The operations and programs of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection are made possible by the support of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Advisory Board, the Regione Veneto, Alitalia, and: INTHAPHES^ COLLEZIONE GUGGENHEIM Aermec Leo Burnett Arclinea Lubiamigu Automotive Products Italia Luciano Marcato Banca Antoniana Popolare Veneta _,..._. All works of art by Nadezhda Udaltsova © Estate of Nadezhda Udaltsova/ Licensed by VAGA New York, NY. Amazons of the Avant- Garde is a model of scholarship and cura- torial acumen. Together with several other young women artists —Vera Mukhina, Vera Pestel.bowlt an D ma TTHew dtutt Guggenheim MUSEUM amazons of THe avarrr-Gar De : a Lexan Dra exier, naiana Gonc Harova, liubov popova, OLGa rozanova, varvara STepanova, an D na Dez HDa UDa LTSova Curated by John E. 1999-February 6, 2000 Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, February 29-May 28, 2000 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Guggenheim Museum Publications, 1071 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 1012 ISBN 0-89207-225-3 Printed in Germany by GZD Design: Desi Gn/wri Tin G/researc H Cover: Liubov Popova, Composition with Figures, 1913 (plate 28) con Ten TS i3 in Tro DUdion Matthew Drutt 20 women of Genius John E. Rover Honorary Trus Tee Claude Pompidou Trus Tees ex officio Dakis Joannou Benjamin B. It brings together distinguished masterpieces of the period, including many not shown in the West since they were created. Guggenheim Museum, New York Krasnodar District Kovalenko Art Museum Moderna Museet, Stockholm Elena Murina and Dmitrii Sarabianov, Moscow Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid Museum Ludwig, Cologne Museum of History and Architecture, Pereiaslavl-Zalesskii Museum of Private Collections, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Liudmila Prudkovskaia (Udaltsova's sister), and Sofiia Karetnikova (born Til) — they now formed an alliance of female artists, which had its beginnings in Moscow's studio schools.Thieme -Becker- Vollmer (see footnote 2) tells that the original was destroyed. The publication is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence 0/ iv Contents Introduction and Acknowledgements Guideline to the Topical Catalogue Topic Date of work and level of identification Artist's or creators' name(s) Title of work Type of work Medium and material of support and series or editions Dimension of work Owner or auctioneer of work Inventory number of work Source(s) of information about the work Record and sequential numbers of work Replicas, copies of work and comments Examples 11 Topical Catalogue Table of Topics - Index of Topics - list of Abbreviations 1. Apotheosis-Sacrifice- Temple-Triumph-Worship of Venus 3. Some specific features of the compilation in this Volume are discussed hereafter. Baltic States (Estland-EE, Latvia-LV, Lithuania-LT), Bulgaria (BG), Poland (PL), Romania (RO), Russia (RU) and the countries of the former USSR, e.g. It must be recognized that this classification is for easy and unique retrieval only and does not refer to any specific art-historical classification. Ortography of names and their alphabetical order The orthography of the preferred name of the artist is the one used in general databases , preferably those of the country where the artist was born; alternative ortographies may be added in the Index of Artists. It is then useful to split the main topic in subtopics and the subtopics in subdivisions.A replica, entitled 'Venus med ceblet (Venus with the apple) ', 110x48x41 cm, dated 1809, is in the Statens Museum for Kunst in Kobenhavn/ inv KMS6004 (in this catalogue R7554 175). 1 This Volume will be revised as Volume 1.2 in 2015. The regional origin of the identified artists In this Volume the following methodology is applied: countries, where artists were born and educated/trained - independently of their later activities in other regions -, are grouped into three regions, which are used as subdivisions under each main or sub-topic. Prefixes like 'von', 'van', 'de' or 7e' are generally not used for alphabetical ordering. The following approach has been applied: o The main topic is always found in the title of the work as given by the present owner or the information source 3 . a work entitled 'Venus and Adonis' is categorized under this main topic; 'The bath of Venus ', 'The crouching Venus ' and 'The toilet of Venus ' are grouped under a common main topic 'Toilet/Bath of Venus/ Venus crouching' . The wealth and diversity of the music material for piano players determine the new quality of understanding music and set high goals and objectives for a performing musician and a music teacher, the achievement of which becomes a factor of considerable professional and spiritual growth.